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The National Utah Token Society


Dedicated to the collecting, recording and preserving of Utah’s historical medals, tokens, coins and bottles

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A picture of Grafton Utah Ghost town
Random assortment of trade tokens
A picture of Thistle Utah ghost town

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  The national Utah Token Society, a non-profit, was born from the minds of Joann Rogers and Harry Campbell. A club for those who were interested in the hobby of metal detecting and collecting Utah trade tokens.

  The first meeting was held Jan 27th 1982

The Name National Utah Token Society (N.U.T.S) Was created by Joann Rogers.


"When we are out there digging in ghost towns from park city to eureka, then coming home all dusty and dirty, She thought, we are all a bunch of nuts" - everyone laughed, so that's how it all started.

So NUTS it is"!


  The NUTS club logo Was developed by Harry Campbell.

His design of the covered wagon pulled by oxen was selected from 35 different entries.

This design represents the Utah pioneers and their persistence, hard work, determination and fortitude necessary to reach the promised land of Zion (Salt Lake City Utah).

  Joann's Advice to the NUTS club:


"Kindness, friendship and fun will build a great club.

  Too much competition and backbiting will destroy it".

Meet Other collectors and hobbyists

Great club outings and gatherings

Snacks and goodies throughout the year

Win great raffle prizes and enter your finds for more fun things

Yearly Membership Fee. membership also gets you in to the local coin & bottle shows for free

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