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About Us

Meet the club officers

Club Officers are voted on by the members and chosen at the beginning of each year-(club Officer duties located in Article II, pages 2-4 of club by-laws in PDF below)

Steven Cuthbert:



Wade Frischknecht:

vice president

Bruce Griggs:


cheryl harrison:



philip & cheryl harrison:



todd monson:


Kevin Garcia:

medals chairman 

bob campbell:

coin-show chairman

Steven Cuthbert:


wagon masters:

Steve Dissell

Larry Kimura

Matthew Blaser


john&dixie sampson

cristelle sampson

Clay Riggs

Junior wagon masters:

Shilo Blue

Getting Involved

  • Finds of the month


  • volunteer @ the coin show


  • Provide treats for the meeting


  • become a club officer


  • club meeting presentation

  • submit an article

  • Chili cook-off

  • pie baking contest

  • bourse night

Club By-laws

brian jessup award


Club Sponsors

What to expect:

  • Guest speakers


  • Share your metal detecting finds


  • Club news and announcements

  • Club activities


  • Raffle

Finds of the Month rules

edith attebury Award

club medal design form

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